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Does Cryostop International Pipe Freeze Seal offer pipe plugging procedures and training programs outside of the USA?

So why won't Cryostop International's process cause an expansion break?

Its just a chunk of ice. Why won't it blow out when we cut the pipe?

Don't the extremely cold temperatures cause damage to my pipe or alter it in some bad way metallurgically?

How much pressure will the Cryostop™ freeze plugs hold?

If this is so safe, why won't CRYOSTOP International freeze plugs over a joint weld or simple dent?

What is "Heat Convection" and how does it effect the integrity of the Freeze Seal Plug?

What aspect of Cryostop™ freeze plugging makes pipe defects a concern?

So what are the mechanical hazards?

Why such an involved job procedure and rigorous safety monitoring?

What are the Cryostop Pipe Freeze Seal Plug geographical service boundaries within the USA?

Water pipes which have been exposed to extreme cold temperatures resulting in freeze plugs have been known to fail “burst”. Is it the cryogenic effect on the piping material that is actually responsible for such a pipe failure?