Inflatable Line Stop, “BagStop”

BagStops are used to temporarily shut off a pressurized pipeline system that you’re currently working on. Our line stops can seal a section of piping, allowing you to provide maintenance or replacement parts to damaged sections of pipe. Our line stops come in various configurations—single line stops help you shut down a single direction, while multiple stops can isolate certain sections that require repairs.


There are many advantages for using the Petersen Products® Inflatable Line Stops, including,

  • Safety enhanced and Environmental Risk reduced with smaller hot tap hole to help maintain pipeline integrity.
  • Conforms to out of round pipe configurations, or heavy corrosion to the inside pipe wall, to obtain a better seal than mechanical stops.
  • Time and Cost reduced with smaller lighter weight equipment allows and faster deployment.
  • High flexibility, small deflated diameter allows installation through much smaller hot tap than much heavier costlier mechanical stops.
  • Heavyweight Ballistic Nylon reinforced Polyurethane construction for long term reuse. Materials such as Kevlar and Viton available for most pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements.
  • A minimal pressure with water, air or other inert gas will expand the LS plug thus most of the pressure is applied to pipe ID for sealing.
Cryostop - Inflatable Line Stop, "BagStop"
Cryostop - Inflatable Line Stop, "BagStop"

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