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We provide specialty piping service solutions through the use of CRYOSTOP™ Freeze Seals, Mechanical Line Stops and Pipe Hot Tapping. For more than 32 years, we have offered our professional Pipe Freeze, Line Stop and Hot Tap Services to a diverse range of clients such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Universities, Government Agencies, High Rise Buildings, Electrical Distribution as well as both the Non-Nuclear and Nuclear Power Generation sectors. Our past and future project successes are the direct result of superior in-house engineering, expertise in project planning, and most of all our competent and experienced field technicians. CRYOSTOP™ field technicians are continually involved in a thorough training program ensuring our customers consistently receive safe and dependable services EVERY time.


We are looking for both experienced field technicians and field technician trainees in the following areas:


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CRYOSTOP is very pleased to introduce our latest CRYOSTOP service location to the greater Washington / Baltimore Metro Area. The Washington / Baltimore Metro office is located in Columbia, MD and is staffed by trained experienced Field Technicians. The local Washington / Baltimore Metro office will offer our customers innovative and proven CRYOSTOP™ Pipe Freeze Procedures, CRYOSTOP™ Mechanical Line Stops and CRYOSTOP™ Pipe Tapping.  Please call our service center today at (301) 637-5182  for an on-site project evaluation visit and/or service proposal.  


What's New with Cryostop!

This featured video takes a look at a typical CRYOSTOP® Pipe Freeze procedure being performed on a pressurized 4” HVAC Chill Water pipe. Our patented CRYOSTOP® Pipe Freeze Technology allows our customer to safely weld in a butterfly valve without having to drain the complete building. This saves time and money reducing downtime from more than 18 hours to just 4 hours. When time and money matter to the success...