Welcome to Cryostop

We provide specialty piping service solutions through the use of CRYOSTOP™ Freeze Seals, Mechanical Line Stops and Pipe Hot Tapping. For more than 30 years, we have offered our professional Pipe Freeze, Line Stop and Hot Tap Services to a diverse range of clients such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Universities, Government Agencies, High Rise Buildings, Electrical Distribution as well as both the Non-Nuclear and Nuclear Power Generation sectors. Our past and future project successes are the direct result of superior in-house engineering, expertise in project planning, and most of all our competent and experienced field technicians. CRYOSTOP™ field technicians are continually involved in a thorough training program ensuring our customers consistently receive safe and dependable services EVERY time.

We also provide “do it yourself” Pipe Freeze Kits for those customers who prefer to perform their own freeze plug applications. We offer the CRYO-102®Pipe Freeze Kit which utilizes four aluminum inserts to cover most all nominal pipe sizes up to 2.0”. It is assembled using only cryogenic grade materials designed for extreme cryogenic applications. The CRYO-102® Chamber is fabricated from aluminum stock using a precision CNC machine process which produces accurate fits. Each kit comes with an easy to understand illustrated user manual and one year of free 24 / 7 telephone support.

We also offer accessories to be used in pipe freeze applications such as a temperature monitoring kits and a personal protective equipment (PPE) kits.



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